The role of collaboration tools in digital transformation

by Rossa Brown

Keeping the information flowing is a vital ingredient in digital transformation. Here’s how tools like Workplace can help.

Delivering any digital transformation project depends on effective collaboration and business communication. A successful project will communicate:

  • The transformation objectives and processes. If your transformation is to succeed, you should involve as many people in your organization as possible. And that makes transparency critical. You can’t leave essential knowledge confined to the boardroom and need to find effective ways to help information to flow through the company at every level
  • That it’s an ongoing way of working. Having a digital workplace is all about breaking down hierarchies and silos to allow a culture of sharing and openness to develop. In fact, 53% of respondents to a survey by AIIM cited improved information sharing and collaboration capabilities as a key driver of digital transformation

Modern communications tools can help. With its instant familiarity and integrations, Workplace is ideal as a core element both in the transformation process and in enabling ongoing collaboration in your new, more connected organization.

Workplace is a core element in the transformation process and in enabling ongoing collaboration

Communicating around transformation

Using Workplace, you can set up closed groups which you can dedicate to different aspects of the digital transformation project.

You can use these groups to share documents directly or via integrations with tools like Box and SharePoint. And your team can use them as the driving engine of the project by integrating Workplace with project management tools like Trello and Jira Cloud.

To keep people up to date with how the project is progressing, use open Groups or Workplace’s News Feed.

You can tailor alerts for different people or groups, and draft posts in advance to cover routine processes. This means people can use posts to keep the whole organization up to date with the information that’s relevant to them.

You can also use data to inform project leads about progress. Admins can gain insights about how people are using Groups and News Feed to report back to the team.

Looking at engagement and reactions to posts gives an idea of how people in the organization are reacting to the transformation and might give you warning of any roadblocks that are developing.

Collaboration after transformation

You’ve now established Workplace as a collaboration tool, and your teams will have a good idea of how they use it to work smarter, together.

Now you can set up additional groups to help people collaborate and share information around day-to-day tasks.

And with employees having the ability to collaborate wherever they are, you may be able to offer more flexible and remote working, reducing costs and tapping into a wider talent pool.

Then you can harness features like Live video and Workplace Chat for even greater connectivity and collaboration.

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