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Healthe Care Australia is the third-largest provider of private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand



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The company employees over 7,000 staff spread across 34 different hospitals. Between their sites, Healthe Care provides care for 630,000 patients per year, carrying out over 100,000 operations and 200,000 home visits per annum.

A revealing staff survey highlighted challenges the healthcare provider was encountering when it came to staff communication. With a diverse work force including many shift workers communication with management and among the teams was often ineffective resulting miscommunication and disengaged staff.

What’s more, it was challenging to disseminate information between hospitals. The organisation was operating as 34 separate entities as opposed to a single connected company.

Healthe Care implemented Workplace as a solution to overcome the limitations of email, one that is available 24/7 for staff members on the move in familiar format and that facilitates information sharing between 34 different locations and over 7,000 staff.


87%staff report Workplace has improved communication

6xincrease in engagement in employee recognition program

9%staff turnover rate (National average 18%)

How Workplace helped

Improved communication from management to employees on the ground

Workplace has allowed Healthe Care to build a real time information and communication flow between non-clinical and clinical staff. Employees can now use Workplace to receive important information on policy and procedure changes, to fill vacant shifts and receive updates whether they are in the hospital setting, at home or on the road.

Increase in employee engagement rates

Healthe Care have utilized Workplace to increase participation in their internal “Love Your Work” staff recognition program. Since implementation, a quarter of all employees have been recognized by another member of staff for their contribution. Initiatives like these have borne witness to industry-beating levels of staff uptake of Workplace (over 80%), despite its non- mandatory status at Healthe Care.

Enhanced communication between hospitals

Workplace has fostered a culture of collaboration across the Healthe Care network. Instead of each hospital taking their own disparate approaches, employees now use the platform to obtain feedback and input on new service developments and to share mutually beneficial information such as the success of local marketing campaigns, strategies for improving GP education events, educational resources and staff engagement strategies.

“Workplace has played a vital role in engaging disenfranchised staff who previously felt that their opinion wasn’t valued.”


Jennifer McNamara

Director of Clinical Services

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