How open communication helps Hootsuite move faster

Hootsuite, the world’s most widely used social media management platform, has enjoyed great success and rapid growth since its launch in 2008. But growing across 15 offices in 11 countries also meant that internal communications struggled to keep pace.

Why Workplace?

It wasn’t just top-down communication that was suffering. Team members were missing information that was locked away in presentations, messages or closed working groups. Hootsuite needed to centralize information sharing and announcements across its entire team. But it also wanted to foster a culture of openness and accountability towards accessing that information, making it easier for every employee to find what they needed.

With Workplace, Hootsuite was able to bring transparency and accountability to its communications, allowing every employee to be in the know about company developments.


“We’ve democratized decision making. We communicate, share and act on information faster as a result of working out loud on Workplace.”

Kirsty Traill
VP Customer, Hootsuite


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Open working through Groups

Groups were one of the first keys to success. Initially, Hootsuite’s management carefully monitored Group creation to make sure the right Groups were in place while avoiding duplication. But they soon opened it up to employees to create the Groups they needed.

One of the most successful Groups was Owls on the Move, which centralized communication around employee movement such as new hires and role changes. Not only did it provide greater transparency, it actually contributed to the development of a new internal metric to judge the health (and happiness) of the business.

Video updates

Hootsuite’s executive team has also embraced openness, regularly posting important news and updates on Workplace. CMO Penny Wilson posts monthly updates, while CEO Ryan Holmes uses Live to post weekly videos detailing business performance and other activities.

Engaging beyond email

With 96% of Hootsuite’s employees actively using the platform each week, Workplace has already helped the entire organization streamline its processes while encouraging the sharing of new ideas. Its 150 active Groups have resulted in fewer emails, repetitive messages and missed news. The result is a successful people strategy driven by a flourishing culture of transparency, productivity and accountability.

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