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Only people can lead you into the future. Employee Experience (EX) is how you help them. But although 84% of CHROs say EX is a priority, only 9% have a plan. Use these resources to get started

EX resources for business leaders

Whatever the economic outlook, investing in your people through EX can offer great returns - including up to 25% increased profitability1. Learn what it is and how to get started with these articles and guides.

1MIT Sloane Center for Information Systems Research, ‘Building Business Value with Employee Experience’, 2017

17 Things Facebook Learned in Lockdown

17 Things Facebook Learned in Lockdown

Use these insights to go back-to-work the Facebook way.

Guide | 3 min read

Workplace EX HR Handbook

Workplace EX HR Handbook

Get hands-on with an EX implementation framework for HR leaders.

Guide | 4 min read

Hear from the EXperts

Only people can feel a sense of belonging at work. We asked Workplace customers and Facebook insiders to tell us how they achieve it.

Jonny Oser, Internal Communications Director, Facebook

Learn how Facebook uses Workplace to help leaders become more authentic.

Video | 2 mins

Janelle Gale, VP of Human Resources,

Discover how Facebook’s HR leaders managed the switch to remote working.

Video | 3 mins

Luz Rodrigo Martorell, Global Chief Workplace Officer, Telefónica

See how Telefónica increased the sense of belonging and built bonds between employees.

Video | 3 mins

Jenny Wolski, VP, Retail Strategy & Experience, Petco

Explore how the US retailer was able to communicate authentically to 27,000 partners during a pandemic.

Video | 2 mins

Vincent de Marassé Enouf, Group HR Manager, Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf

Connecting with team members and keeping high engagement high during tough times

Video | 3 mins

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