Peer Learning

Get employees engaged with learning and development programs that leverage knowledge sharing at scale.

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Peer learning allows you to tap into the real-world expertise that already exists within your organization - and the benefits are clear. Employees that contribute to their internal learning programs tend to feel more valued and be more engaged. Managers also benefit by easily spreading knowledge across the workforce and identifying high performers with specific skill sets.

Workplace's Learning feature enables scalable knowledge sharing that’s lightweight, accessible, and easy to consume. Leverage Workplace’s media richness to create Learning content that engages frontline employees while helping them do their jobs better. Then create quizzes and track unit completion to gauge employee understanding and engagement.

How to do it in Workplace

Enable Learning in your group

1. Enable Learning in your group

Before you can create Learning content, you’ll need to create your first Learning Unit. Only group admins have the ability to create Learning Units and they can do so from the Learning tab in the group.

The Learning tab will only be visible to group admins until the first Learning Unit is created. Once a Learning Unit is created, all members of the group will be able to see the Learning tab.

Learning tab before there are any Units created

Create a Learning Unit

2. Create a Learning Unit

Give your Learning Unit a name and a description to help group members understand what the Unit will cover.

Creating a Learning Unit.

You have the option to make the Learning Unit optional. This means that, whether a group member completes the unit or not, the Unit won’t count towards their unit completion data in your group insights.

Create your first Learning post

3. Create your first Learning post

Create the first Learning post in your Unit. Give it a title and use the same functionality available in group posts to format and organize your content. You’ll also be able to add links and media such as images and videos. When you’re finished click Post.

Learning post with content and media added,

Create a quiz to test employee understanding

4. Create a quiz to test employee understanding

Select Create Quiz to build a short test into your Learning Unit. Name your quiz and choose whether you would like to add a passing score. Group members will have to score this value or higher to mark the post as complete. If you don’t include a passing score, just completing the quiz will mark it as complete.

Add in your questions and multiple choice answers. Click on the check mark to the left of each of your answers to mark one as correct. You’ll have the option to add short blurbs to explain correct answers.

Use the Add Questions button to add more questions as you go. You can always reorder your questions using the Reorder Questions button in the bottom right.

Learning post with content and media added,

Analyze employee comprehension and unit completion

5. Analyze employee comprehension and unit completion

Group members will receive notifications once Learning posts and quizzes are shared in the group. Click on the on the right side of your quiz and select Download Results to do your own analysis of how employees are performing. While employees will be able to take the quiz as many times as desired, the results download will give you information on the number of attempts and the grade they received in each try.

Learning post with content and media added,

Go to the Group Insights tab from under More in your group menu to see overall unit completion. You can search by group member name and download the results to perform your own analysis.

Access Unit completion data from the group ,

Mark group posts as Learning

6. Mark group posts as Learning

Once you enable Learning in your group, you’ll be able to add existing group posts to Learning Units. Just go to a post and click on the …, then select whether you’d like to add the post to an existing Unit or to create a new one. Only group admins can add group posts to Learning Units.

Encourage group members to share their own best practices as posts in your group, then add the best ones to Learning Units. Employees will feel like they’re contributing to their internal learning programs, and they’ll have a chance to express their skills and knowledge creatively using Workplace’s multimedia features.



  • Create engaging, multimedia learning content that employees can easily access from their mobile devices.
  • Spread knowledge quickly and easily across teams.
  • Identify topics that employees struggle with using quizzes.
  • Track engagement with unit completion.
  • Encourage peer knowledge sharing and identify top performers.
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More helpful resources